Have an existing client base?
Have a smart phone?


You are already paying for studio space and creating new content for your existing students, why not leverage these things to give your existing clients anytime access via the web?

All you need is:

Responsive Design

Why not add to your revenue base, increase your customer convenience and open your business to a growing, global market?

Many sites are already offering similar solutions. http://www.yogaglo.com/ and http://www.yogavibes.com/ are just a couple.

So, what kind of opportunity do you have here?

I have students and only % use the online membership site at $ per month, that would be an extra $1000 of revenue derived from the time it takes to make a video and upload your content.

Why not start today?

We are here to be your video site guru. We are not GoDaddy, we are a small business just like you! We offer custom solutions on time and in budget.
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